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Life Membership to Gary Davidson

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

At the season launch last Thursday night Gary Davidson was presented life membership of the Club. On the urging of Damien Bulakowski, Davo came to join his great mate Steve Chapman when Chappie was appointed Senior Coach in 2010, taking on the difficult role of Chair of Selectors.

Gary possessed a wealth of experience being a leading player and respected coach in the D.D.C.A. With their guidance we won the flag in their first year and finished runner up in the second. When Steve stood down in 2013, Gary maintained the role with Ross Woodall as Senior Coach.

Michael Findlay said “Throughout his time in selection he grew great relationships with the players, listened to their issues and provided sound advice, nurturing them as they developed their cricket”.

Gary had drawn to love the Club and its goals and moved onto the committee where he was a productive member, working hard and being involved in all facets including on field, social and match day presence. He successfully organised golf and luncheon days. In 2018 Davo took over the Presidency and served with success until he needed to stand down last season. Gary continued to assist with our junior development program during this past season.

In accepting the life member medallion he reminisced over his time as Chairman for 8 years and President for 5. He recalled the greatest ever final in 2011 when we beat Frankston on first innings with just 1 wicket in hand over three hard fought and keenly contested days. At another time our Seniors were chasing 220 in a semi final in Geelong and had fallen to 6 for 82 before Cassidy and Augustin eked out a famous victory to give us a shot at a flag. In 18/19 the men had a brilliant season winning everything.

He also recalled the successes of our women in 2019, winning the pennant, and the T20 flag, coming from difficult positions in both.

Gary recalls with great pride the debuts of Peter Siddle, James Pattinson, Sophie Molineux and Kim Garth for Australia. Similarly he remembers the debuts of Darren Pattinson, Nicole Faltum, Lucy Cripps and Tiana Atkinson for Victoria and values seeing Brett Forsyth win the Ryder medal and Kim Garth taking the Una Paisley Medal.

Gary said “The biggest thing about this Club is the people and that is what I treasure more than anything else. Good luck to everyone for this season – everyone has high hopes and expectations, hopefully you can fulfill them. Work hard, take responsibility and ownership of your game and good things will happen I am sure”.

Gary expressed thanks for the support of his wonderful wife Mandy and children, Natalie and Justin. Cricket consumes much of training nights and all weekends and they have supported him through it all. He said” Cricket has been a love and passion of mine for 47 years and will be for many years to come. Thanks again to everyone who has been a part of this Club during my time, I have thoroughly enjoyed and loved my time here.”


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