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Fixture News

Schedule for the Season


The fixtures for the season can now be found on this site. For the men's first and second eleven it will feature 5 1 day, 4 T20s and 7 2 day games. There will be no midweek games and the T20's have been incorporated into the season proper with a win in them now worth 5 points. These will be played either side of Christmas with 2 games each day. There are 2 2 day games played as a Saturday/Sunday fixture.

The thirds and fourths fixture follows that of the higher grades except that there will be no Sunday play and those two games will be additional one day matches.

The season starts with a one day game on 7 October against Casey Sth Melbourne with the seconds and fourths at home. This is followed by a 2 day game with the 1s and 3s at home.

We will break for Christmas on 16 December, returning on 6 January.


In the women's section, Geelong have been added to the first grade and thus create a bye each week in that grade. We will experience 3 byes during the season. The women's firsts commence on 8 October with 2 T20's against Prahran and Box Hill at Beaumaris. The following week sees us in Geelong for a solitary T20 due to one of the byes.

On Saturday 9 December there will be a T20 under lights against Carlton at home.

We break for Christmas on the 16th with 2 T20s in Geelong the following week. The return date is a week later than the men, on the 14th of January.

The seconds will play host to 4 rounds of T20s on Shepley in the first 2 weeks whilst the thirds will travel to Geelong and then Beaumaris. The seconds and thirds will have an extra week break before Christmas.

There will be 8 T20s and 10 one day games through the year in the ones and 7T20s and 11 one dayers in the other grades.



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